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As the cooler weather approaches you’re probably planning on putting the old RV away and sitting back in eager anticipation of the holidays. What you might not know, though, is now is the best time to trade in your RV. Here at Horn’s RV we offer the best value for your trade in. The great news is that you can take the money you get for your trade in and put it towards a new RV for yourself. Maybe you’re looking to trade up to a fifth wheel or travel trailer from a camper or are interested in finding a motorhome. By trading in your current RV for a new one you can upgrade or downsize to whatever RV works best for you.

Before trading in your RV, you’ll want to consider a few important factors that can help you get the most money for it. After all, the more you get the better the new RV you can buy.

Look Over You Rig

Give your rig a thorough inspection. Look at the under body, holding tanks, interior, pass-thru storage, and any other nooks and crannies you can think of. Pay special attention to the roof, wheels, and windows. If you find anything that can be fixed quickly or affordably, do it! This adds value to your RV and helps ensure you get more in the long run.

Wash and Detail Your Rig

This might not necessarily add value to your RV, but it makes it look nicer, which ultimately helps sell it. It’s also a great way to thoroughly inspect the construction and paint or decals on your RV. Knowing the exact condition of your RV only helps you have an idea of what it’s worth in the long run. Additionally, by detailing the interior of your RV you can remove any smells, personal items, and patch up or fix anything that needs work.

Create Fixing Categories

When looking for what to fix consider grouping them into certain categories. Your first category should include items that are a quick and affordable fix. These typically can give a bigger return on your time and money spent on them. The second category might include items that can be fixed by someone other than yourself at a reasonable price and the final category should include items that are expensive to fix and not worth the time or money.

Be Honest

When you’re honest with us we can give you the best trade in value. If you just tell us everything works great and we inspect your RV and it doesn’t, it’s harder for us to feel like we can give you the value you’re asking for because you’re being dishonest. We look to have a great relationship with each of our customers and honesty is key to a great relationship.

Get your trade in value today or contact us to learn more about the trade in process. Our experienced team can help you trade in your RV and find a new one that will get you more than excited about the next RVing season!

Photo Credit: By SJJB ( [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


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